Innovation and consulting in bean-to-bar

The future of chocolate

Chocolates made with cocoa from a specific region and producer, and especially those fitting the bean-to-bar categorization, represents a new movement that has been changing the course of the chocolate production history.

A good chocolate is not just the one that makes you happy, but the one that aims to address important points in the cocoa and chocolate chain. This is a central premise of the bean-to-bar movement.

For the production of their delicious chocolates, chocolatiers look for excellent quality cocoa, and this quality will depend on fermentation and drying, carried out by producers in the field soon after the fruit is harvested. Good processing has its value and therefore comes at a differentiated price. Moreover, fair remuneration is essential for financial sustainability and to make families interested in specializing more and more and thus creating a virtuous cycle in which everyone gains from the business.

The bean-to-bar chocolate consumer, in turn, is a key element in this process. The relationship of transparency is important throughout the chain and the consumer knows and appreciates that the price he pays is for far more than just the sophisticated taste.

Ara Cacao is proud to say that in Brazil the bean-to-bar movement has been gaining strength. The added value of fine cocoa has been motivating producers and driving a new economy. More than mere chocolate, this is a movement with social and environmental impact.

In summary:

In the bean-to-bar world,  chocolate making starts with the cocoa bean. The chocolate maker does the whole process: roasting, grinding, conching and tempering.

Contrary to the chocolate industry that buys liquor or nibs, the bean-to-bar producer is proud to plant his own cacao or he opts to buys directly from selected quality producers, processes it and makes his own product.

And in order to differentiate, it is common practice to label the product, with its main ingredient as cocoa nibs or even simply cocoa.

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