New chocolates for a new world

We are a consultancy for entrepreneurs, cocoa producers, chocolate makers, executives and professionals in the food industry.

We turn your aspirations into chocolates through innovation and science that, in the end, result in achievement, commercial success and pride.

Cacao e propósito
Only 2 ingredients

Cacao and Purpose

Our mission is to stimulate and promote the culture and consumption of genuine chocolate.

Chocolates that express the origin’s attributes, the terroir’s characteristics where they were grown - notes, aromas and flavors - the energy of those who plant cocoa and all the ingredients involved, the purpose of those who study, create, produce and deliver to the world their most authentic and tasty recipe.

research. idea. innovation. research. idea. innovation.
Luciana Monteiro
Hello, I am

Lu Monteiro

I am part of the restless generation that aims to turn the world into a better place to live. Preferably with chocolates.

After 10 years understanding the desires of the food industry, I decided to focus on my greatest expertise: researching and supporting entrepreneurs and executives in the creation of new chocolates of superior quality to those existing on the market today.

The world needs new chocolates, that we can be proud of as producers, creators and especially as human beings.

Discover our

Four skills

Novos negócios

New business

Starting a chocolate factory from scratch: naming, industrial structure, product, packaging, shelf life and so on.
Novos projetos

New projects

Creating a new category of chocolates in an existing factory.
Novos produtos

New products

Develop outstanding shapes, textures, flavors and applications.
Novas soluções

New solutions

Solve production problems, optimizing processes and empowering your employees.

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