Innovation and development of chocolate

Ara Lab: research and support for chocolate makers and chocolate producers

Imagine realizing and testing every practical step in the creation and processing of your Bean-to-Bar chocolate.

Located in Campinas, close to São Paulo and Viracopos international airport, Ara Lab is a consultancy dedicated to Bean-to-Bar chocolate makers, joining expertise, experimentation and execution in a single place for both beginners and experts.

It is your lab outside of your company’s premises where you can get inspired, innovate, create and transform your ideas in powerful and delicious products.

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Bean-to-Bar Mentoring at Ara Lab with Luciana Monteiro

Ara Lab’s expertise and facilities are put into action to process cocoa and produce new bean-to-bar chocolates.

During a 2 day mentoring process, under the supervision of Luciana Monteiro, you will get to know the whole process of bean-to-bar chocolate making: a true immersion with theoretical introduction and practical sessions.

Main topics of the mentoring process at Ara Lab:

  • Cocoa processing
  • Classification of the cocoa beans – defects
  • Classification of the cocoa beans – quality
  • Roasting
  • Peeling
  • Chocolate processing
  • Refining and conching
  • Tempering
  • Maturing
  • Chocolate tasting

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Ara Lab address:
Av. Dr. Antônio Carlos Couto de Barros, 964
Sousas, Campinas - SP, 13105-500
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