Research and development in chocolate

Make chocolates doing good for the planet

Research. Ideation. Innovation. In every sense.

Allying science and innovation while always putting the consumer at the center of it all, Ara Cacao values and stimulates the culture, production and consumption of genuine chocolate, especially bean-to-bar.

Fruto do cacao

Cocoa producers

Cocoa evaluation

Get to know the full potential of your beans. Ara Cacao partners with producers in the development of the market for fine cocoa. We have the expertise to evaluate your product and to support the development of your chocolate. We help your company meet the expectations of chocolate makers and chocolatiers around the world.

Development of new products

Innovation in chocolate

Development of new products

The moment to innovate is now. Get our mentoring in every phase of the creation of your chocolate, from concept to the shelves. It is a structured process that will take you to success. Develop your chocolate with us!

Technical & Executive Consulting

Expertise for your business

Technical & Executive Consulting

A new perspective in chocolate production. Your team obtains more know-how and speed with our aid, in the most diverse steps in the chocolate production process. We custom-build training programs according to your company’s needs.

Sensory and Executive Bean-to-Bar Mentoring

Bean-to-bar and cocoa experience

Sensory and Executive Bean-to-Bar Mentoring

Endeavor into new territories and discover new possibilities in chocolate production in the Bean-to-Bar universe. In our mentoring you will go through the whole cocoa processing and fabrication cycle of a Bean-to-Bar chocolate: from the selection of the cocoa beans to the looks of the chocolate, from the flavor to the textures and aromas, from the equipment to the formulation. We help you to structure your idea and to start your chocolate or cocoa production.